Nate Parker's 'American Skin' Will Leave You Angry!

Nate Parker is no stranger to creating controversial films. In 2016 he produced, directed and starred in A Birth of a Nation where he tells the tale of Nat Turner who is well known for leading a revolt against slave masters. Well Mr. Parker has done it again with his latest film, American Skin.

American Skin is a collaboration with Spike Lee where Parker stars as Lincoln Jefferson a middle class black man and a father to an adolescent son. Tensions rise when his son is slaughtered by a white police officer at a nightly traffic stop. Lincoln Jefferson then takes matters into his own hands by holding the police station hostage after a non - guilty verdict is found on his son's killer. The film moves at a moderately fast pace, getting straight to the point and then it gets good!

Parker drives us into unfiltered conversations with the hostages that consist of inmates, common folks, women, police officers and people of all ethnicities. They all share their thoughts and life experiences on race and gender issues that will leave you with goosebumps. There is no denying that this was a well written screenplay... For the most part. However, the ending will make any black American furious. Just when you think there will be some form of justice served it takes a turn for the worse. The film appears to take on a position of pandering to white people, but on the flip side you can only assume that Parker was trying to convey the sad realities of being a black person in America going up against the United States justice system.

So overall it's a good film with many raw revelations in it. I expect Parker to continue to deliver emotionally driven and thought provoking films within American social issues. We give the film 3 out of 5 stars.