• smosef

Anthony Mackie Set to Star in and Produce The Ogun for Netflix

Variety reports that Anthony Mackie will star in and produce The Ogun, an action thriller written by stuntman turned screenwriter, Jason Michael Berman. Earlier in 2018, Berman's blacklisted script, The Liberators (about an African-American combat unit in WWII), was saved by Michael B. Jordan's Outlier Society Productions. So it seems like Berman is on a role with Black action stars/producers coming on board his projects. This marks Anthony Mackie's 6th collaboration with streaming giant, Netflix, following three original films (IO, Point Blank, & the upcoming Outside The Wire) and two TV series (Altered Carbon & Black Mirror).

This is great news for fans of Anthony Mackie on the small screen, where he has been very busy after stints on Apple+ original series, The Banker, and the highly anticipated Disney+ original series, The Falcon and the Winter Solder. Audiences should get used to seeing lots more of the fantastic action star for months and years to come, especially now that he's producing, as well. With more and more studios opting to release their titles on streaming services this year, due to the pandemic, Mackie being on several Netflix titles is incredible futurist thinking on his management's part or just dumb luck. Maybe a bit of both.

I've always been a fan of Anthony Mackie ever since I saw him in She Hate Me, the underrated indie film by Spike Lee. And then ever since The Hurt Locker, where he turned in an emotionally intense and physically demanding performance, I knew he was an actor to watch. After his breakout success of Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and subsequent Marvel films, you'd expect the guy to take a break. But he's been low key churning out action film after action film on a consistent basis. Not making headlines but staying active. If he continues down this path with B-movie action films (Extraction, Point Blank) that Netflix is becoming more and more known for, he's primed to take over the world.

The Ogun has yet to announce a director or a release date. It is expected to stream on Netflix sometime in 2021.