Meet Bri Lynch the 24 - year old Hollywood Stunt Driver and Mechanic

Updated: Apr 16

In a world where racing and repairing cars is dominated by men a young Black - American woman is casually zooming past them all. Her name is Brionna Lynch also known as Bri Lynch or Helmet Hairr. At just 24 - years old she has accumulated multiple professional stunt driving credits for blockbuster films such as: Black Panther, Venom, Creed, Proud Mary and of course the car crazed franchise, Fast and Furious! She's been nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award, crash flipped cars with the world's most famous car collector and former late night host, Jay Leno. She's even assisted rap superstar, Cardi B and actress, Michelle Rodriguez drift a few laps around the track. But where did her love for automobiles come from?

Bri's introduction to any type of motor vehicle was not cars, but through two - wheels as a motocross racer.

Her father, Jay Lynch a professional Hollywood stuntman and stunt driver was also very influential to her career helping her learn all the logistics to motor vehicles and how to use her skills to navigate through the film industry. But it's very clear that she is now creating a legacy of her own.

After Bri succeeded in Motorcross her interest shifted to drifting race cars and building engines. From the looks of her social media she favors the Nissan 350z and has no problem taking it apart and putting it back together.

Another special talent she has is filmmaking and film editing. For this reason her videos have helped her amass a large amount of followers on her Instagram and Youtube. She vlogs her days at the track, traveling the globe, changing car parts and lets the world see her curly hair and bubbly personality.

When Bri is not racing or building engines she spends her time as a bonafide business woman running her company, Chasing Checkers a car enthusiast one stop shop for race car inspired merchandise like keychains, stickers, hoodies and more.

When we look at Ms. Lynch we see the formula for a star... Beauty, brains, talent and a supportive team. We also see history being made as a Black - American woman in her chosen field. And finally... We see Bri inspiring many young and older fans which in the end is what it's all about. The accomplishments of what we what we have witnessed Bri Lynch achieve thus far is just a sample of all the great things that wait for her upon her journey. So for that reason we admire her and will continue to follow her groundbreaking voyage.

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