• Stephanie F

Gillian White Gets Lead Role in "Take Back"

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

“Sara (Gillian White) and Brian (Michael Jai White) who are living a seemingly perfect life when a mysterious man (Rourke) from Sara’s past kidnaps their teenage daughter. With the help of a small-town sheriff (Russo), the couple races to save their daughter before she’s sold and vanishes into the sex trade.

Gillian White is playing the lead role for the first time in her acting career and she couldn't be more excited. She stated on her instagram this week, " I was in Palm Desert in 115 degree weather working my ass off, under Covid restrictions & rules, filming my 1st LEAD ACTION ROLE." She also stated, " I'm kicking a lot of ass."

This film was inspired by real life events

and it's relevant to what is going on right now in our society.

“The film will shed some light on human trafficking–a cause Michael and I are both passionate about fighting,” says Gillian.

Vigilante Diaries Helmer Christian Sesma is directing the film from a script penned by Zachary Zerries. Sesma also spoke about the great cast.

“We’re incredibly stoked to have this cast—Mickey and Michael are legends, and this promises to establish Gillian White as the next African - American martial arts heroine.”

Can't wait to catch this film on screen.