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John Boyega to Return to Star Wars as Finn?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

It's been almost a year since the last Star Wars film arrived in theaters and concluded the Skywalker Saga and John Boyega has been in the news lately to fan the flames of reprising his role as Finn. According to IndieWire, the 28 year old British-Nigerian actor said he would return to the franchise with a few conditional projects: one of them being the scrapped 'Duel of the Fates' film from Colin Trevorrow and another as a voice actor on an animated Star Wars series. One thing is clear, that Boyega was clearly dissatisfied with the complete sideline of his major character and even voiced his opinion to Disney executives, per the IndieWire article.

Minor spoilers for The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker will follow. One thing about the new Star Wars series that left me disappointed was the fact that Boyega's character of Finn didn't have much to do and was relegated to B or C plot lines in the sequels. After his strong presence in The Force Awakens (the novelizations and comics even further expanded upon his strong force sensitivity), Finn became a minor main character. Sure, he got to have misadventures with Rose Tico on that weird casino planet and even got his revenge towards Captain Phasma on that Star Destroyer. But after teasing how major of a plot point he would become in the first film with relation to Rey and Kylo, it was sad to see him not become a part of that.

I was a huge fan of Boyega in his breakout role, Attack the Block, so I'm glad his energy and charms weren't completely wasted in The Rise of Skywalker. In fact, his and Oscar Isaac's chemistry were the strongest points of the fun adventure-y nature of that film but it still didn't save the clear lack of vision for his character throughout the series. It's a shame, because with Attack the Block, the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and Pacific Rim Uprising, Boyega clearly has the physical presence to be in the action/adventure and fantasy genre. It would have elevated his action star clout even more had he been swinging a lightsaber around full time. If Finn were to become a Jedi, or even train to be a Jedi, in any of the films of the sequel trilogy, then that would've been fair and equal representation for POC and women. Disney would have had a win win.

Imagine what it would have done for Boyega as an actor, as well. His star was already on the rise and instead of being co-lead in a Star Wars film he was relegated to co-star. His next project is the Steve McQueen directed British-American anothology TV series and it looks like he will take roles more consistently as a dramatic actor. But who knows what could have been. He could have been the next Idris Elba. But never say never. In this day in age, where reboots and remakes and countless sequels abound, it is never out of the cards that John Boyega can play Finn again. Perhaps in a Disney+ Finn-centric live action or an animated series, as Boyega suggested. The Force is still strong with this one.