John David Washington to Star in New Sci-Fi Action Film

John David Washington is riding his leading man hot streak right now as he is on board to star in Godzilla and Rogue One director Gareth Edwards' latest sci-fi action project, True Love. Nothing much is known about the film, except that it's an original film from production company New Regency, according to Deadline. Gareth Edwards is a British American filmmaker who broke out with his modestly budgeted indie sci-fi film, Monsters, which landed him gigs to direct the high profile Godzilla for Warners and then the Star Wars story, Rogue One, for Lucasfilm/Disney. He hasn't directed a film since 2016's Rogue One, which was notoriously known for its semi-troubled production and Tony Gilroy reshoots for the final sequence. Perhaps that left a sour taste in the mouth of Edwards, who returns to write and direct a non-franchise non-sequel original film going back to his roots as an indie director but with a decent budget.

As for Washington, he's been relatively busy since his breakout leading role in Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansmen and then landing the giant whale being Christopher Nolan in last year's action thriller, Tenet. But he's always been an intensely fierce physical presence having been a football player playing college football at Morehouse and signing as an undrafted free agent for the St. Louis Rams in 2006 before ultimately playing 4 years as running back for the UFL's Sacramento Mountain Lions. Which makes a lot of sense given his very personal performance as wide receiver Rickey Jarret in HBO's Ballers, most likely drawn from his background experience as a football player. John David Washington goes into much more depth about his early experiences in this great Variety interview with Jared Leto. Needless to say, seeing his intense hand to hand combat choreography as well as the big action set piece stunts in Tenet, it's clear that he is a dominating physical presence on the screen.

So what's next for John David Washington? Aside from lining up his next big blockbuster project with Gareth Edwards, Washington has already wrapped filming on David O. Russell's period drama film, Canterbury Glass, after Michael B. Jordan dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. That film is star studded, as well, with the likes of Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Rami Malek, Zoe Saldana, Robert DeNiro, Mike Myers, Timothy Olyphant, and Chris Rock. Washington also starred in a low budget indie with Zendaya earlier this year on Netflix. And something that really flew under my radar is action thriller, Beckett (formerly titled Born to Be Murdered), that also stars Alicia Vikander and Boyd Holbrook about an American tourist who becomes the target of a manhunt after a devastating accident. The film is directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino and produced by Luca Guadagnino (Suspiria, Call Me By Your Name) and is set to be released on Netflix on August 2021.

What do you think? Are you guys excited to see these new projects of John David Washington?