It's Vader Time!

Updated: Feb 8

When you hear the word Vader you might think of Darth Vader from the popular Star Wars films, but in this case the term Vader belongs to Dominique Barrett well known as King Vader. He is a Maryland native that is apart of a new generation of individuals who have found fame and some fortune through the rise of social media. He has amassed over 1 million engaging Instagram followers and his Youtube videos easily surpass 1 million views with having over 2 million active subscribers, rightfully giving him the title of "King".

King Vader began his internet stardom through a once popular app called Vine. It was a social media app where the user had 6 seconds to engage their followers which was usually through a comedic skit. Sort of like how Tik Tok is today. After Vine went offline King Vader took his talent's to Instagram where his following doubled. He stood out amongst the rest with his comedic spin on well-known anime

characters along with popular movie and television franchises such as Game of Thrones, Avatar, Umbrella Academy, Naruto and more. He captured our attention with his rendition of the popular Matrix film where he plays the son of Morpheus. The film was fun, creative and had visually dynamic fight scenes that incorporated his signature "bop dance" as we like to call it.

King Vader is no stranger to corporate partnerships with companies such as Wendy's, but his latest venture with Netflix could easy be labeled as groundbreaking. Netflix has collaborated with King Vader with an internet based series called, Netflix Dreams. In the series King Vader parodies their current hit shows like Cobra Kai. It's a perfect marketing tool on both ends that also expands his brand to new audiences.

The web-series is doing well and looks like it could be a catalyst for the 23 - year old to be one of the youngest African - Americans in line to direct a big budget, Netflix original. Only time will tell. King Vader has his own goals though.

He wants to star in action films and become the “greatest director of his generation.” With some fine tuning within his martial arts ability and consistency in his natural talent to produce, write and direct films his personal goal could be a reality. Whatever the case King Vader has made his mark in internet history and I'm sure many of his fans will agree with us.