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Lashana Lynch is 007 and Agent 355

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Lashana Lynch has been in the news recently after online attacks against her taking the mantle of 007 in No Time to Die forced her to delete her social media. To be clear, she won't be the James Bond in future 007 movies, but her character has succeeded the Bond character as new 007 in the latest Bond film. Of course, in our era of instant commenting it was not surprising to see the backlash against a woman of color breaking barriers and detractors are just a natural part of any progress.

In a NY Post article, Lynch comments on the viewers who balk at a woman wearing pants saying, "The world doesn't generally accept change without struggle." The same article also points out how much of a roll she is on following her critical role as Captain Maria Rambeau in 2019's Captain Marvel. And with her role as the new 007 and Agent 335 in FX's Y The Last Man, she is quickly becoming the industry's go to action heroine and a great symbol for POC and young women in the world. Action film fans have much to look forward to in her blossoming career.

In an ever changing world where America just elected the first African-American woman of immigrant parents as Vice President, women (and particularly women of color) on the screen is beyond empowering. It is completely necessary. We need powerful women of color kicking ass and taking charge on the screen and Lashana Lynch is a great step forward. The fact that she deleted her social media accounts is a shame, but is only a blip in the overall scheme of things. Her role as 007 in the upcoming Bond film will ultimately do more good than bad in this world. And it's exactly what we need right now.