Lupita Nyong’o Teams Up With International Spies in 'The 355'

While we all lie in wait for the latest 007 film, the trailer to a new spy movie shows up to wet our appetite and it has 5 gun wielding intelligence agency workers who are all women.

The film consists of actresses, Diane Kruger, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o and Bingbing Fan, who joins forces to stop a common enemy from humanity as we know it. This movie consists of sheer breath taking stunts and set pieces, which range from ballgown karate fights to perilous skyscraper antics.

Luptia specifially represents a British agent who specializes in technology with a side of weapons combat. This is also one of the first times we see Luptia explore an interacial relationship on - screen.

The title refers to Agent 355, the codename of America’s first female spy during the American Revolution whose real identity remains unknown. The 355 is scheduled to be released January 15, 2021. Can’t wait to see these action packed women doing their thing!