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Michael B. Jordan Confirmed to Make Directorial Debut with Creed III

In October 2020, IndieWire reported that Michael B. Jordan was in talks to make his directorial debut with Creed III. Now, per SlashFilm, Tessa Thompson has confirmed, via her promo video for Sylvie's Love, that her co-star and lead on the first two Creed films will indeed direct the third film in the Creed franchise. Michael B. Jordan will be following in the footsteps of Rocky Balboa himself, Sylvester Stallone,

and direct the third entry of the series. And not unlike the Rocky series itself, (Stallone mentioned in an interview) he will likely face off against the son of Clubber Lang, played in Rocky III by Mr. T. The son of Clubber Lang is rumored to be WBC Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Deontay Wilder.

Michael B. Jordan has starred in 16 feature films, including Without Remorse set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in 2021, and has only recently been producer on many of his latest films through his Outlier Society Productions since January of 2019. He is not new to production, being on many sets, and working close hand with directors such as Ryan Coogler on Fruitvale Station, Creed, & Black Panther. But this is the first time he has ever stepped behind the camera as director and it should be noted that there is no script for Creed III yet, so all of the story points from this point on is reported speculation.

Personally, I loved the original Creed as it struck the perfect balance between respect of the source material, nostalgia, and carving out a new legacy for the character of Adonis Creed. However, Creed II (spoilers) leaned heavily on nostalgia in bringing back Ivan Drago and had Adonis even fighting Drago's son. This mirrored the same themes of heart and humanity triumphing over the brutalism in a cold hearted machine of a man. With the news that Adonis could be fighting Clubber Lang's son, it seems they are repeating the nostalgic themes of Creed II but I hope it leaves room for more originality and carves out their own legacy just as Coogler and Jordan did in the original Creed.