• smosef

Michael Jai White Defends Wesley Snipes in Blade Trinity

In a recent interview on Vlad TV, Michael Jai White had nothing but kind words to say about legendary action star and film actor, Wesley Snipes. Even going so far as saying he's family. But he also addresses Mr. Snipes' rumored on set issues and comes to his defense, saying Black actors have more complications in having to deal with these micro aggressions from executives, producers, and higher ups much more often than not. It's an interesting interview and puts to rest any rumored beefs the two actors may have thought to have had.

Michael Jai White goes into more detail with his relationship with Wesley Snipes, giving a candid story about how he often has him over for fight nights. It's a shocking reveal for those of us who didn't know the actors were that close. Sure, they're both respected actors and skilled martial artists. But they've never been in a film together, nor have they ever spoken about their relationship publicly. Mr. White gives a colorful example of how the studios used "white actors" (Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel) to steal Wesley Snipes' movie by having their own Blade Trinity posters. It's a relatable example he gives and it's a clear example of this passive-aggressive "micro-aggression" he was talking about earlier.

I'm sure Michael Jai White dealt with his fair share of micro-aggressions in the industry, especially in the 90s where the tables weren't so evenly balanced for Black actors (they're better now but we still have a lot of work to do). It's even more painful to hear when he says when we (Black actors, or any actor of color for that matter) respond to those "aggressions", we become even more problematic and our career is pretty much over. Whatever challenges POC face in the industry, it's incredibly hopeful to see Michael still working hard and plugging away at his craft. Who knows? We might even see these two legendary actors on screen together someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later. A guy can still dream, can't he?