• Eric Sigmon

Mortal Kombat Avoids a Fatality for Itself

Updated: Apr 25

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers

It's been 21 years since the original Mortal Kombat movie. Was it worth the wait for another feature based on the popular video games? Sure. Why not? The 2021 Mortal Kombat is at times just as goofy as its 1995 predecessor. But it's also just as fun. The fact that the new movie is rated R is an automatic plus for any fan of the series. One of the movie's funniest lines comes after one of the more brutal fatalities. First-time feature director, Simon McQuoid seems to know how to shoot a good fight scene, but sometimes it's hard to tell with the largely applied quick-cut editing. Thankfully it's not too distracting. The casting is damn near perfect. Sub-Zero (played by the always awesome Joe Taslim), Kano and Liu Kang are standout characters.

I'll be nice to the actors because they do have a fair share of clunky dialogue to recite. But they are Dedicated. The story gives a nice update to the Mortal Kombat lore, so don't worry if you're not an expert on it. So while it's a tad uneven, Mortal Kombat holds itself up long enough to be entertaining. Of course, any movie like this is going to leave the door open for a sequel, and I for one am curious to see where they would go with it. Until then, "GET OVER HERE!"... and check it out.

Our Rating: ★★★ out of ★★★★★