• Stephanie F

Nailah Johnson goes from Kung-Fu training to Jurassic World touring

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Growing up in Silver Springs, Maryland, a nine year old named Nailah Johnson was studying in the style of Kung - Fu as well as Wushu, Boxing, Grappling, Self Defense, MMA and more, all under the training of her loving dad. As she grew up, Nailah began assisting and

overseeing a satellite program teaching children at a local gym.

Nailah's training took a backseat for awhile, as she was receiving her BA in Communications Studies in NYC. Prior to obtaining her degree, she picked up and headed to Los Angeles. After working as a Production Assistant, she was motivated to get back into the stunt world, pushing her to continue training and honing her skills.

Last summer Nailah joined SAG-AFTRA and signed on to be a performer for the touring show Jurassic Park World Live Tour. She continues to train in wushu, fight choreography, tumbling, boxing, high falls and more. Her passion for martial arts grows more and more.

I know for a fact that Nailah is great in her martial arts skills. My family and I went to see the live tour and she was such a natural.

"Her acting was amazing! I liked it so much."

- My 11 year old nephew.

So, Nailah you have some fans and we can't wait to see what you have in store for us.