• Stephanie F

New Action Thriller Red 48

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

What does a joke slinging, fast car driving, ladies’ man and the first black superhero have in common?

According to Hollywood, a thrilling action-packed movie starring Tyrese Gibson and Michael Jai White and the name of the film is “Red 48” set to release in 2022.

As told by sources, the movie synopsis is: Red 48 is an action thriller that follows Kyle Snowden, a Child Protective Services officer, who along with a store full of desperate people are taken hostage by the maniac militant Eagan Raize and his three followers. Stuck in the store with Snowden are Manny, a Mexican immigrant child that Snowden is tasked with protecting, Sam Safty, Snowden’s stepfather and Congressman that owns the store that has been taken over, Sunshine, the smart steadfast store manager and her wife and employee Rainey, and Mikki, a kleptomaniac teenager.

Secrets will be revealed as tensions rise when Eagan’s motives and his vendetta against Safty come to light. With the threat of death creeping closer, the hostages must work to stay alive and stop the group of terrorist.

Both actors are no newbies when it comes to action thrillers, Tyrese acted in Four Brothers, Waist Deep and the upcoming Moribus with Jared Leto. Michael Jai White in Blood and Bone, Undisputed and of course Spawn. Will Gibson and White be the new dynamic action duo? We’ll have to find out in 2022.