Queen Latifah Does Not Disappoint with 'The Equalizer' Debut

Super Bowl Sunday has ushered in the new CBS pilot, The Equalizer starring former rapper and super producer/actress, Queen Latifah. The latest installment helmed by Latifah was originally led by the British actor, Edward Woodward (which she pays tribute to) and then revisited in theaters by Denzel Washington. This is the first time a woman of African - American descent has taken the reins as the retired C.I.A. officer who offers free services of protection and/or investigation to atone for their past. Latifah is without a doubt believable as an action star. Aggressive fight scenes, a tough persona, skilled gun handling, motorcycle wheelies and nothing else seals the deal to be considered an action hero like diving away from an exploding building.

Latifah was once a prominent figure throughout the early '90s hip - hop era as a pioneer for the "female MC" before she broke into the film industry as an actress in popular films such as: Set It Off, Just Wright, Hair Spray, Chicago and her hit television show, Living Single. Since then she has evolved, becoming a force in Hollywood with a wide range of roles showcasing her acting ability. She is apart of the many rappers from the '90s era who became noteworthy actors like Will Smith, LL Cool J, Ice Cube and Method Man. This is something that many of today's rappers couldn't do even if you fed them their lines while filming.

The Equalizer is shaping up to be a must watch and we'll be there to inform you of all the unique episodes the capture the essence of a true black action star!