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Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write a Black Superman Film?

Updated: Feb 28

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news yesterday that author Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a reboot of Superman for Warner Bros. and DC with J.J. Abrams producing under his Bad Robot Production Company. Coates was previously a "national correspondent for The Atlantic and he covered cultural, social and political issues, specifically that of African Americans and white supremacy", according to Deadline. He has written for Marvel Comics series such as Black Panther and Captain America in addition to his prolific non-fiction bibliography as critically and socially beloved author. According to sources, this version of the Man of Steel is being set up as a Black Superman story.

Before this leading news broke, rumors were abound that the studio was looking at Michael B. Jordan to play Superman. So let the speculation continue. This is the clear and obvious choice, not to mention that Coates is attached to write a drama directed by Ryan Coogler and starring Michael B. Jordan, titled Wrong Answer, about a math teacher set in Atlanta. Another thing to consider is that there simply is no other Black American actor of Jordan's caliber and star power currently working in the industry. Warner Brothers could always go the route of British action star, as well. But, in my humble opinion, Superman needs to be American. Now more than ever. Nothing against Henry Cavil (Man of Steel) or Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) but Superman is the embodiment of Truth, Justice, and the American way.

So, if Michael B. Jordan were to be cast as Clark Kent/Superman, what would that do to any chance of him taking the mantle of Black Panther? I know it's my personal fan theory and it's sort of a long shot, but I always thought Jordan would be a logical choice (maybe not storywise as Killmonger was a villian, but crazier stuff has happened in the movies) for Black Panther with Ryan Coogler directing the sequel in addition to his tremendous star power. However, I have to admit the sound of Jordan being cast as Superman would be earth shattering. That's an understatement. It would be a GAME CHANGER. And it would elevate his status as a great actor/movie star to Absolute Legend.

What do you guys? Who else would you consider for your Superman casting?