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Tony Award Winning Renee Elise Goldsberry Joins Cast of She-Hulk

Renee Elise Goldsberry, famous for her role in the stage and film version of Hamilton, has been added to the growing cast of She-Hulk, the Marvel Studios TV Series on Disney+. Goldsberry will be playing a character named Amelia among a list of high profile actors including Tatiana Maslany (playing the title role), Ginger Gonzaga, and Mark Ruffalo & Tim Roth (from the Marvel Studios Hulk and Avengers films). As mentioned in the article's title, Renee Goldsberry is a Tony Award winning actor, winning for her stage role in Hamilton with two Daytime Emmy Nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (One Life to Live). She's been on prestige TV Dramas like The Good Wife in addition to an action series like Altered Carbon so we know she is well versed in dramatic gravitas as well as action choreography.

She-Hulk's plot is kept under close wraps as it just enters production, as we speak. Kevin Fiege, during Marvel's presentation at Disney's Investor Day event, described it saying, "It's a series about a woman trying to navigate the world and be taken as a working professional despite the fact that she is well over 6'7" - and green." The series sounds like it will be a legal drama/comedy, with Marvel brand doses of humor, about the world of superheroes so I'm sure the amount of action will be balanced with the drama, comedy, and humor. "Since Jennifer Walters is a lawyer who specializes specifically in superhero-oriented legal cases, you never know what Marvel characters are gonna pop up from episode to episode," Feige said. Rumors have it that private investigator, Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter), will make an appearance as well.

With the return of Bruce Banner (who we last saw as a full blown Hulk with brains) and Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination, among others unconfirmed, the list of possible cameos will be a fun one to speculate upon and should be surprising to witness. The addition of Renee Goldsberry is a fantastic casting choice as she has shown a wide range of genre selection in her filmography. We know she can be physical from her musical role of Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton and can more than hold her own in an action capacity starring opposite Anthony Mackie as Quellcrist Falconer in Netflix's Altered Carbon. So you don't cast an actor of her caliber to just be She-Hulk's charming and funny sidekick. But we will see next year when the series drops in our living rooms.

She-Hulk will be released sometime in 2022 on Disney+.