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Wesley Snipes is Coming Back 2 Hollywood

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

For a moment in time, Wesley Snipes was the biggest movie star on the planet. Not the biggest black action star. The. Biggest. Movie. Star. Period. From his breakout in the Michael Jackson Bad video (directed my Martin Scorsese), to indie comedy White Men Can't Jump, to action thriller Passenger 57, to the box office behemoth Blade franchises. This man could do no wrong and was a bona fide mega movie star. Then, all of a sudden, he wasn't. After the rumors of his on set turmoil on Blade Trinity to the federal income tax evasion, in which he served time, Wesley Snipes fell from grace. He was human after all.

The Guardian article goes into much greater detail of his story and is a great read. I highly recommend it. But what I took from the piece is that Mr. Snipes was definitely humbled by his experiences and it shaped who he is today. He is something of a tech guru, still a martial arts expert, and something of a financial savant. Wesley Snipes was not the movie star he once was after Blade Trinity. Most of his films thereafter went straight to DVD and aside from Spike Lee's Chi Raq and Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables 3 hasn't really been on screens much if at all. But with Eddie Murphy and Craig Brewer in last year's surprise Netflix hit Dolemite Is My Name and this year's Coming Back 2 America, Snipes is ready 2 make a comeback. For real this time.

If you haven't seen Dolemite Is My Name, I urge you. Please see it as soon as possible. If anything for this scene alone. Snipes plays character actor/director D'Urville Martin and his character directs the Eddie Murphy character in an absolutely absurd and hilarious action scene in which he makes the befuddled reaction in above picture. His presence in the film alone confirmed to me that he was back. Not only because of his brilliant performance but because it felt like such a confident presence of days past. I was whisked away to his character of Flipper from Jungle Fever or his chaotically Joker-esque absurdity as Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man. One thing was for sure. This man is not done yet.