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Shaina West is the latest internet sensation. You’ve seen her force a dagger between her fingers as she sang her favorite tune then proceeded to hurl that same dagger into something like a dartboard. You’ve then seen her effortlessly wield a Sword and Bo - Staff like the ninja that she is! And she is now set to appear in Marvel’s Black Widow movie which she went on record claiming that she would land a role in a Marvel film way before the role in the movie was offered to her. (Talk about speaking it into existence!) She’s an excellent candidate to be every little girl’s dream hero and the fantasy of many men who wish to get her to say, “Yes”, to a date. She is the Samurider. Shaina “Samurider” West has a Ghanian lineage with beginnings on the south side of London in an area called Brixton. She’s says it’s not the most glamorous side of London and even referred to it as the “hood”. But the world has a history of taking many great heroes from the slums and shaping them to become world changers.  

Shaina dubbed herself the Samurider from her obsession with Anime, Japanese culture and motorcycles (which she owns two of). She has been riding motorcycles since the age of 13. Within the motorcycle community it’s said that there are two types of riders, "Ones who’ve gone down and ones who are going down." Meaning every rider will lay their bike down at some point or another throughout their riding history. And one day Shaina did just that. Unfortunately, when Shaina went down she suffered some devastating injuries. She was bed stricken for a while indulging in her usual anime favorites soaking up martial arts themed shows and learning knife throwing. She would lay in her bed with a wooden board set up in front of her and hurl knives at them for hours. As you can see in some of her instagram posts she is really good at it. 


Once Shaina’s wounds healed from her accident she was set on training in marital arts with hopes to be like her anime heroes. She took up a gym membership and inside that gym was a gentlemen twirling around what she called a “stick”. Shaina being ever so curious wanted to know what was the name of this weapon that he was handling so well. It was the legendary Bo - Staff. Inspired to get better at it she took a metal pole that was used to hold up her curtains in her living room and started training with it. She felt she could be as good as one of her favorite characters, Huey Freeman from the popular show, The Boondocks who is often seen using a bo - staff in several episodes.

Shania then had an introduction to celebrity in such an unexpected way. It was from that simple yet very interesting video of her poking the table with a blade in between her fingers that went from merely 100 views to over a million views through re-shares and memes that were created from it. I distinctly remember seeing memes in the vain of “what it’s like to date a crazy girlfriend". It was hilarious, but very cool at the same time. The world and myself have never really seen a black woman with dagger skills as such.

After the explosion of her internet fame fans began to notice that Shaina was more than just a knife handling gimmick. They were ecstatic about her overall weapons handling with the sword and bo staff as well. The fans started sending her messages stating that she would look great in movies. The thought of starring in films had never crossed Shaina’s mind. So she initiated an in-depth study of the United Kingdom film industry, but after looking further into the industry Shaina was disappointed. It wasn’t that she didn’t have what it took to succeed in the industry... She was appalled by the absence of many young black/African woman within the stunt and action scene. This moved her even more to pursue that lane within the film industry and not just as a stunt performer, but as a leading actress.

She put herself through rigorous training, sharing her progress with her fans over social media. She had the right moves, the swag, the grace and she is very easy on the eyes so naturally her following grew expeditiously. For the most part, Shaina is a self trained martial artist, but she has much respect for the art and would like to possibly pursue the formal way of learning martial arts through the belt system (even though we don’t feel like she necessarily needs it). Outside of her weapon training she has studied Tae Kwondo, Kickboxing and traveled to Thailand where she trained and fought in Muy Thai Boxing. To this day she continues to train daily in hopes of collaborating with her favorite action stars such as: Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Jeeja Yanin from the Muy Thai inspired film, Chocolate and to work alongside Michael Jai White in an on-screen father and daughter type of relationship. As an avid viewer of action and martial arts movies we whole-heartedly stand behind Shaina in her pursuit of action stardom as we hope for her to fill the void of the few black/African leading lady warriors in show business who are REAL martial artist. 


"Live life as if everything is rigged

in your favor"

Optimistic attitudes are hidden in her heart and she is loyal to her spirit. After all, she says following her spirit helped her get to the level that she is today. Shaina left us with a special quote that hangs around her home which states, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” With a mindset like that Shaina is sure to leave a legendary mark on the martial arts world forever.